and safe way. For finishing their projects, woodstain varnish, and a process of burning parts of the wood were utilized.
I would like to thank the counselors for their help in making this summer a happy and safe one for the campers. A special thanks goes to lower-senior Jeff Felder for his help. He is on his way to becoming a good wood shop counselor.
This summer was an exciting for all campers. I promise you that next year will be even more exciting.

Have a healthy and happy winter,

Lew Fein

The sailing program was a big success this year. For one thing, we learned that you don't catch a sunfish with a hook, the sail a sunfish. Since sailing is a sport requiring thinking, a certain competency is needed to enjoy sailing. Many kids were introduced to the sport for the first time and learned to enjoy it. Sailing became very popular during General Swims.
Campers and counselors learned a lot about sailboats, and, in general, the use of small crafts. It was a very enjoyable and productive summer.