This being my first year Ranger, I try to diversify the program in as many areas as possible. It was the first year for starting a more in-depth ceramic program. Two weeks into the season, we bought a new potter's wheel. Hopefully a majority of the children experienced a taste for the wheel by trying or watching, and of course it was much hand-building of clay.
Batiking and sand candles, with a few sculptures were what the children made from wax. Stationary and some decorative pictures were produced for the first time by means of silk screening and some linoleum, as an introduction to print making.
Most of the children worked in the previously mentioned areas with the addition of copper enameling. Instead of just enameling, some went further making the pieces into rings or solderers pieces. Wig stands were transformed into self-portraits and boxes were decorated. Bunks ten and twelve made masks and the youngest bunks created wall hangings.
Hopefully, most learned a little but all had a good time.


As another Ranger summer becomes history, that us reflect on all that has happened.
A table saw and a sander became part of the shop equipment. With the help of Jeff Felder and Jeff Lipton, two new work benches were built. More hand tools were added to compliment those already in the shop.
Sandpaper was used in great quantities. Cutting boards, wooden key holders, sharks, shelves, magazine racks, bookends, plant holders, wine racks, serving trays, backgammon sets, and an assortment of wooden initials were made with loving care.
Boys from six to sixteen used a variety of tools. The jig saw and the drill press have quite a workout. The coping saw, file, hammer, hand and power drill, plane, backsaw, crosscut saw, screwdriver and C clamp with some of the tools that the boys learned to use the correct