Dedicated to the Challengers, the Gringer and the Fireballs:

Although we had enough rain to sink the boat, our fearless water skiers carried on. Everyone who came down to water skiing tried a few simple tricks: crossing the wakes, putting the tow rope between the knees, weaving a course, skiers salute, and some even went slalom (one-ski). We'd like to mention a few skiers: Mike Berman and the Glick brothers for their attempts at dock starts and skier salutes; Marc Lipton for his patience at going last in his ability in slalom; and special mention to Wayne Firsty and Marcy Rosner for...ahhh you kids know.
We'd like the thank everyone who tried water skiing and hope to see more of the next year.
Wishing everyone a happy and healthy winter.

Billy and Billy

The Scuba diving course began late in the summer and as with many of the waterfront programs it was limited by the weather. In order to ensure the safety of each diver, a rigorous progression was followed. Before diving with tanks each student had to master certain skills, while wearing a mask, fins and a snorkel.
Once confidant on the surface of the water, the divers were ready to explore the depths of Silver Lake.

Neil T. Katz

This summer a number of canoeing trips went down the Delaware River from Narrowsburg past Zane Gray to Minisink Ford.
Depending on the height of the river (which determines the speed of the water) each trip took approximately 5 to 6 hours including stops for swimming and lunch.

Neil T. Katz