As it is once more, the end of another camp season at Camp Ranger, I'd like to leave here with you a few thoughts about camp from my perspective.
The activities on the waterfront, have what I believe is Camp Ranger's most beautiful asset, Silver Lake. On the lake this summer, my assistants and myself certainly did our share of teaching the various skills. However, more important to me, is that in doing so, I learned some things. I don't believe that these things can be expressed in words; but it is something that must thank my assistants for and something for which I must thank every camper and counselor with whom I've had contact, whether it be a General Swim, polar bearing, bathing in our lake, or the canoe trips.
Many of you learned how to swim for the first time this year. Many others learned to improve their strokes, others learned how to paddle a canoe or a boat, a sail, or a sunfish. The pleasures in bathing in our lake or the experience of canoeing down the Delaware River and its rapids are two unique situations that very few people ever experience. Feel lucky for having experienced them, and learned from them.
I'd like to thank Neil, my assistant for his very skilled contribution to safety and progress in all areas at the waterfront, and Jeff Drimer for his soul full of exuberance, spirit, and vitality. Brent, our sailing counselor is certainly deserving of appreciation for his contribution and sailing.
Finally, I would like to say that there are three things I hope you've taken with you from camp. First, and foremost, I wish you a love of the experiences you've had here and with that I wish you an appreciation of the experiences that will follow them, and lastly, the ability to share with others whatever you have learned.

I'll see you next summer.