Despite all the rainy weather, the waterfront was once again a busy spot this summer. Our activities ranged from our daily instructional swim periods, to canoe trips down the Delaware River, from sailing on beautiful Silver Lake, to synchronized swimming the for the Seniors, and from General Hair Washing, to General Skinny Dipping.
The Inters proved to be a very difficult division this year - difficult to get out of the water. On any given day, they could be found playing with polo, learning the techniques of navigating and manipulating a war canoe, performing aerial feats off the diving raft, were even swimming! Special features for the Inters included an overnight excursion by canoe across the lake and an early morning breakfast outing on the waterfront.
The deb-teens were probably the most consistently active group on our waterfront. Much was accomplished in swim instruction. They learned and mastered many new skills. They were able to put their newly acquired skills in canoeing to practical tests on the tricky turns and rapids of the Delaware River.
The Seniors spent much of their time on top of the water as well as in it. Many of the girls discovered the that they "would rather be sailing." In addition to acquiring nautical skills, they were given the opportunity to to work on some selected synchronized swimming techniques. The Delaware River canoe trips gave them the opportunity to demonstrate their expertise in the fine art of splashing.
The Super Seniors worked perfectly toward the art of sun bathing and hair washing the summer. The girls met the Delaware River head on with skill and determination despite the unfavorable conditions at that time of the season.
We would like to thank the group leaders for their cooperation and enthusiasm throughout the summer. also deserving of special mention for their contribution of time and skill are Amy Schechtman, Linda Such, and Gill Wood. It was through the combined efforts of these people and our highly trained, mature and experience staff, that we are able to boast that 97% of our girls achieved the status of deep water swimmer or better this summer.