This summer Camp Ranger has had quite a successful season for inter-camp games. The girls were consistently on the fields and courts practicing for these games.
There are many good athletes who deserve recognition in all divisions.
The girls were invited to three volleyball invitationals this summer. The Locanda Invitational the girls came in third-place out of twelve teams. This being the first time they placed at this tournament. At Anawana, the girls put up a strong fight against a powerful Mahoge team, but lost. The same day, another team went to Camp Diana for a tournament and came in first place. They brought back with them a trophy for each participant and a team trophy.
Overall, the girls worked hard and put a lot of their time into athletics. Many have improved a great deal and the good had gotten better.
There are certain girls who deserve special recognition for their overall abilities this summer.

Softball MVP-Karen Gardner

Volleyball MVP-Robin Cohen

Softball Most Improved-Carolyn Gilbert

Volleyball Most Improved-Jill Holtzman

Softball MVP-Cheryl Felton

Volleyball MVP-Shelley Raab

Softball Most Improved-Lori Rosner

Volleyball Most Improved-Debbie Stranger

Congratulations, girls and I'd like to thank all of you for making my summer as rewarding as it was.

Linda Tsui