We competed with Camp Anawana, Nashopa, Chipinaw, and Sequoia. It was a long day but a successful one. All of our boys made it to the semi-finals. Unfortunately, Andy was defeated by the boy who went on to when the finals and Barry battled his way through the finals to the agony of the defeat. Steve and Howie won their final with ease after meeting up with some tough competitors on the semi-final. Picture it- it was three tough sets, each ending in a nine point tie breaker. One particularly interesting and thrilling moment which must be mentioned was while at tie at one set apiece and down four to one in the tie breaker of the third set Howie served two consecutive aces in his struggle to win the set. What a match!! Finally, Stacy and Ronnie two top notch players destroyed their opponents easily in their matches to go on to win the Final in the 14 and under doubles. (They're not even thirteen yet, wait till next year.) As a team we had a great day playing in three of the four final matches while winning two of them. Good going boys!!
We had a Bunk Ladder Singles Tournament whereby each player in the #1 and #2 position of each bunk would be eligible for the Divisional Singles Championship. The winners were: Bomber Division-Barry Glassman, Lower Senior Singles Champion-Ronald Polansky, Senior Division Champion-Steven Davis.
The following boys won their bunk championships:
Scott Milchman, Steven Streichler, Howie Lazoff, Barry Glassman, Adam Geiger, Alan Deutchman, Ronald Polansky, Eric Rosenthal, Wayne Firsty, Mattie Finkelstein, Scott Gottdiener, Robert Amazon, Joe Nicholetti, Howie Davis, Jonathan Sloan, Alan Wald, and Steven Davis.
Our counselors wanted to get into the act as well, so we arranged a Singles Tournament for male waiters, counselors, and staff whereby Myron Weintraub was named 1976 Ranger Singles Champion. Way to go Myron! By the way, there were sixty-four competing for the title.
Finally, the '76 Annual Ranger Cup Tournament which at present has not been played and scheduled for the last week of camp should prove to be one of the most exciting events of the season. Forty of the camp's best players will compete in a team effort for the title.
Each year we award one boy in the entire camp with a trophy for the most improved tennis player. Obviously, with such top-notch instruction from our tennis staff; Jimmy Tepperberg, Sol Lesser, and myself, every camper has had to improve. This year's award goes to Alan Wald. Alan has not only improved in his skills but has developed a winning attitude. Playing top quality contenders he has not been defeated in our inter-camps, ending the season with a three to zero record, Alan-you did the job and did it well! Other boys considered for the award were: Barry Birnbaum, Howie Lazoff, Mark Lipton and Jeff Lipton (no, they are not brothers) and Joe Nicoletti.
I would like to thank my staff Jimmy and Sol for making this season a good one. I what also like to thank Jerry and Judy Turner for taking such an interest and concern in the tennis program and proving it by providing Ranger with the four best new tennis courts in the Catskills. (Eat your heart out Concord Hotel.) Lastly, I would like to thank my wife Arlene for allowing me to devote as much time as I did to the program in order to see it through.

Looking forward to next year,
Larry Neiman