Another camp year has come to an end. Giving us the opportunity to look back and admire the many accomplishments of the '76 season, while providing the dreams of the season to come.
All in all, it was a good year despite the inclement weather. The staff worked hard to provide each camper with the maximum exposure to the most popular sport of the seventies. It is especially rewarding to witness sex and seven-year-old Munchkins, successfully grasping the basics. They demonstrated tremendous enthusiasm, respect and appreciation for the game. The staff is sure such qualities will only foster greater achievement and success in their game of tennis. We have seen what increased instruction and diligent practice can do for one's game. Many of our campers were given the chance to demonstrate their abilities amongst other campers at Ranger. They also approved their abilities in inter-camp and tournament competition. Throughout the season, over sixty boys were given the chance to compete in organized inter-camp matches. Ranger competed with camps such as Olympus, Kutcher's Sports Academy, Kewanee, Kennybrook, Dalmaqua, Roosevelt, and Swan Lake Tennis Camp; with a five and two record. However, not once were our teams stacked. We use the tremendous depth, calling upon a great number of boys to add to the effort and pride of Ranger.
We entered two invitational tournaments at Locanda and Sequoia. At the Locanda Tournament we competed with several of the strongest tennis camps in the mountains, such as Mahoge, Chipinaw, Dalmaqua, Brookwood, and of course, Locanda. We ended up in third place, just one point behind the second place winner. It was a team effort. The boys and girls combined in effort demonstrating a superb example of Ranger tennis at its best.

16 and Under
Singles - Steve Davis
Singles - Gary Moelis
Doubles - Howie Davis and Paul Kaufman

14 and Under
Singles - Gary Simon
Singles - Scott Gottdiener
Doubles - Ronald Polansky and Stacy Kaufman

The Sequoia Tournament was held one week later. The Ranger boys were psyched. We were determined to bring home the hardware.
16 and Under
Singles - Andy Stahl
Doubles - Steve Davis and Howie Davis

14 and Under
Singles - Barry Birnbaum
Doubles - Stacy Kaufman and Ronald Polansky