of the Presidential range; White Mt. National Park, five states and Canada. Everyone worked so well together to produce a fitting highlight to the program on Boys Camp.
In conclusion, the boys have been given a challenge and have given 100% of themselves on all of the trips. I sincerely hope that of the many campers we have taken out, many will have found memories of their adventures, their teamwork and of their experiences on their particular overnights.

Finally, I would like to mention my assistant and true friend, Steve Vincent, to who I owe invaluable thanks. His help has made this program the tremendous success it was.

Your friend always,

To love, admire and appreciate to the beauty and serenity of the woods, lakes, mountains and wildlife; to experience outdoor living; to gain the necessary strengths and skills needed for successful outdoor life; and to experience heartfelt camaraderie are some of the goals of the Camp Ranger mountaineering program.
Mountaineering and backpacking has been very popular in Europe for many years and it has now been included as a well-organized and very intensive program at Camp Ranger. The majority of the children live in the city with all its inherent ways of life-the cars, the pollution, the hectic pace of city life-to come to camp and experience the wide outdoors at the mountaineering program has given them is a terrific opportunity.
I aim for progression of overnights by which the girls go to a pioneering site at camp and then progressively more backpacking up Mt. Cathalia. Then the sky's the limit. There are regular expeditions to Slide Mt. and for the most talented girls we have a three-day overnight trip to Mt. Marcy, the highest mountain in the state of N.Y.
Any overnight to Mt. Cathalia is usually relaxed, slower and easy going. We have given these girls a broad view of the outdoors with nature and wildlife talks; also talks on astronomy and how the actual mountain was formed millions of years ago. When not at the campsite on the mountain, we take the group either swimming or for two-mile hike to waterfall. The waterfall is the most beautiful thing a person can experience and see. Our other activity when camping on Mt. Cathalia, is rock climbing, a favorite with campers and group leaders like. Even though rock climbing is a man's sport the girls excelled at it and some cases out did their counterparts of boys camp.
The highlight of the girls mountaineering program was the three-day trip to Mt. Marcy. There was beauty, excitement, hard work and sadness on this trip. The beauty was that the mountain at the summit and of the trail on the way up. The excitement was at night, when the temp dropped to 30 degrees. Sadness came when the team at the part company at the end of the trip. As an ended extra attraction these girls were lucky enough to camp out in Canada and see the Olympic Village; the