"Okay, let's go!" Many of the new waiters who came to Camp Ranger as campers for the last few years, came to camp this year expecting to find the same things they always had. But instead, we came to camp and something new and different-we found work. We all set out to do what we could to make the best out of our jobs. We did a pretty good job, considering we learned new realities and responsibilities most of never had before.
Instead of looking at the problems we had each day, we looked for the humorous aspects of the kitchen.
Sports wise, we did O.K. We played many inter-camp games, mostly basketball, and one great softball game. As for going home, we all at some time wanted to go home, some of us left early, some had to and some wanted to, but now that we're finally going home, we all wonder where the summer went and we wish we could grab onto it and hold it.
To all, we wish each other a great winter and lock in school.
"O.K. Willie, let's go-Stand back boys"

The Waiters

One fine summer day, we all arrived at bunk 19A never expecting what the days ahead with the like. Every 6:45 the magic fingers of Myron lightly the door. "Wake-up girls. Time for a brand new day," is heard. Miraculously, the waitresses awake, when the struggle for breakfast is over, Jayne, Laurie, Debbie, Randi, Randi, Rhonda, Shari and Laura slowly stroll back to the bunk to finish the rest of their beauty sleep. As a slowly wake up, lunch is just around a corner. By this time the sounds of chairs falling and dishes clanking is just music to our ears. After lunch we had our free time; luxury-the showers are being used by everyone, the blow dryers are on full blast and a clean smell of baby powder and perfumes are in the air. Uh-Oh! The time draws near! Dinner! Slowly 7:30 comes around and we all run to the canteen where we meet the rest of Ranger. The remaining activity for us waitresses is finding rides out of camp. Now that the summer is at its close, the days behind us will always be remembered.

The Waitresses