This year's office Boys were the most intelligent and conscientious group ever to come out of one and a half. We learned many practical things in this summer that could help us in later years. "Farmer" Stahl, whose ambition is to own a farm in Bethel, feels that husking corn in the kitchen gave him invaluable experience. Stephen Genedes feels that the office experience he got in one and a half could help in getting an executive position with Sabrett one day. Gary Gableman came up expecting to be captain of Ranger's math team, but went home with the knowledge that math isn't everything. Steven Davis learned how to clean this summer and is going home to apply for a job as a maid. Danny Sadewnick came up as a representative for D. V. D. and is going home to lead the West Point drum and bugle corps. Mitch Weitzner and Peter Levy learned that Tappan does produce better ballplayers than Valley Stream does. Mitch Grabow learned that all is fair in love and war. Alan Wald learned about women and modesty. Mitch Siegel learned all about Flushing, and last but not least, Jeff Nardozza, who learned that a combination lock is better than the key lock.
We had two days off the summer, which were enjoyed by all. Our first day off was spent taking the Monticello cultural tour. Our second day off was a real humdinger when we spent the greater part of the day in the White Lake Bookmobile.
Speaking for all, I think I can say that it has been an excellent summer for all and in all seriousness we did learned a lot, and we prove that although camp is a place to have a good time at, it can also be a valuable learning experience for all. Many thanks to all the O.B.s who helped to make my summer, and special thanks to Chet Friedman who was always willing to help us out.

Mitchell Feldman