The division not only play hard, but worked hard. Aside from shift (ZZZZZZ), there was the Big and Little Sister Program with the Inter division, working at tennis, water skiing, and arts and crafts, and a taste of counselorhood by assignments to bunk responsibilities. The work program was more successful than it has ever been in the past. Many thanks to all of you for making it happened.
Speaking of thank yous-Thank you Lauren Klein and Penny Baker-OOPS! That's Lauren Baker and Penny Klein. To Lauren, Thank you for being able to pick up the pieces in CIT 1, for becoming so quickly an important part of the division and for having common sense and the ability to use your own discretion. To Penny, Thank you for being able to pick up my pieces, for picking up the slack when I grew tired, for the A & C Program and Woodworking Program (You too Lou!), for being my tower of strength when I grew weak.
But the biggest and most important Thank You of all goes to all of you, The CIT's and the Aides, who not only made the division but made my summer. Those of you who I've known for many years have long been considered part of my family. Those of you who were new to Ranger have quickly become so. So much of what I am is what you taught me. So much of what I am is what you have made me. I hope that I have somehow enhanced your summer as you have mine, that somehow I've managed to give as much as you have given me. As always we realized a bit too late how special Ranger is for "The love we have to one another, no other place could we find" As always " Goodbyes are spoken much too soon." I hope this summer has been a good one for all of you and that we can all go home and little stronger, walking a little taller and being better people and having lived together.
Have a great winter. I hope to see you all back next year!

With all my love,