The Zits and Ranger AIDS ("we wear our hair in braids.") have had a fulfilling summer (that doesn't mean that Raab has become a DD like Holtzman.) In fact, never in the history of Ranger Camp has there been a more active (its 4:00 A.M.! Get to bed or I'll smash your face in!) group of supers.
Several of our more daring girls, including Mindy "Marco Polo" Schuster and Carolyn "Christopher Columbus" Wasserheit, explored the heights of Mt. Marcy, the highest mountain in the Adirondacks, (5344' to be exact). The trip included a detour to Canada and a visit to the Olympic Village and stadium, and to Expo '67. Later in the year, the CITS went rock climbing to Mt. Cathalia (CITS rock climbing what a weird group!) Who ever thought that Mindy and Carolyn, C.W.I.S. would become mountaineering specialists when they were totally dedicated to Arts and Crafts and Spud!
The division also participated in a successful inter-camp game program. Our star performers were none other than Linda "no sweat" Sternberg, Cheryl "I don't want to go if I'm not playing" Felton, Tanya "I got hit by a tank" Wollen, Debbie "Do I have to play catcher again" Stranger, Bonnie "Lou's girl" Fein, The Rabbit, and Linda " Grandma Jr." Windheim. Of course our volleyball team which came in third in the Laconda Invitational Volleyball Tournament would not have been complete without Maribel "I can't believe it" Lluberes, Cindi " I refuse to play softball" Rogovin, Ilyse "those fact girls are going to kill me" Berger, and Jill Holtzman's older sister. We also attended the Anawana Invitational Tournament. Tennis had its moments too, with Janet "can I be Bob's assistant?" Libby coming in #1 at the Laconda Tennis Invitational. Way to go Lib! Honorable mentions in athletics to Lori "Black and Blue" Rosner for her tremendous improvement in softball (Hit that ball Lori!) And to Sue "I'm on no activity" Gruenstein for coming through in the clutch and to Cindy "Boogie" Feinsilver for her power in volleyball and softball.
And let us not forget those of us who could only be here for four weeks. There were the fascinated ladies themselves, Shake and Bake, Pam Africk and Lisa Wainer, who taught us new songs (! #?*) and lent a special kind of spirit to the division. There was Donna "Debbie's friend" Handler who gave us her quiet warmth. And lastly, their were the three oldies but goodies, Beth's twin sister Lisa Klugman, Ellen "I've mellowed out in two years" Gutterson, and Wendy "the Pooh" Katz. I hereby award them Part-time major awards-Best Part-time athlete, Best Part-time all-around camper, and Best Part-time Ranger Girl.