The Seniors and O.B.s of '76 were known for their expertise in all activities. Many of the O.B.'s were involved in overnights and mountain climbing... This wasn't done on the new tennis courts though. An eighteen mile hike on the Appalachian Trail, climbing cliffs with ropes and walking up Mt. Washington (6288 feet) where their feats.
Next came the professional production of South Pacific as the seniors brought the house down.
The S.O.B.s enjoyed their most successful tournament toward many years. Sweeping the Rangers Softball Invitational for only the second time since its inauguration, Steve Davis and Victor Berg copped MVP honors in the " A" and "B" contests. Then onto camp Lenni-Len-A-Pe Basketball Tourney. In one of the finest team efforts Gary "Goose" Gableman led to charge with 29 points as he won the MVP trophy. (Special thanks to Elmer.)
Color War came, and a competitive spirit remained. The soccer games turned in identical 2-1 scores. "A" Hoops went to overtime for the victor, while last second Jeff Nardozza foul shot decided the "B" contest. "A" hockey was ended on Howie Davis' shot at the buzzer and "B" Hockey needed Mitch Siegel's overtime goal to finish it. But all came down to Father " Goose" putting the watermelon in the end zone for touchdown.
The leagues showcased our best. MVPs included Gary Gableman (basketball) Steve Davis (softball), Dave Licker (hockey), and Paul Kaufman (soccer).
Many thanks to Carl, Wick, Smacky, Mutt, the Jet, and Red for their tremendous support this summer.
Get Psyched!!! Summer of ' 77!