My second season as group leader for the senior girls has been extremely rewarding. I have had the opportunity to see adolescent girls grow toward womanhood.
The seniors of 1976 contributed to all areas of campus life. The girls open the season at Ranger Playhouse with a marvelous production of "Oliver". Robyn Rubenstein and Tina Schecter were our shining stars. The seniors were seen again in "South Pacific". Naomi Kramer, Jody Gregory, and Suzanne Rosen displayed their fine singing and acting talents. Jodi Gregory, Lori Feller, and Jill Holtzman contributed their talents to the musical revue " Hair".
Athletically the senior girls proved themselves to be spirited and skilled. If who can forget the day we won first place at the Camp Diana Volleyball Invitational. Another day when Tina Schecter and Robin Cohen won tennis trophies at Lokanda Invitational. At all inter-camp games the girls demonstrated their talents on the fields.
Many special events were offered to the girls to season, the day at the Beaverkill, bicycle trips, canoe trips down the Delaware River, overnights, rock climbing, ice and roller skating, movies and water ballet. Among the special treats were a three day overnight to Mt. Marcy and Montreal. And the exciting evening seeing the play "Company" at the Forestburg Theatre.
Rainy days provided an excellent opportunity for the senior girls to display their cooking abilities. They planned and prepared a delicious meal, which was enjoyed by all.
Hats off to the counselors of the senior division- Meryl Kramer, Cori Jacobs, Debbie Naiztat, Amy Streilisker, Jill Wood, Ilene Grossman, Linda Such, Beth Klugman, Amy Schectman, Liz Jentzer, Chris Brightman. Their dedication made the summer a tremendous success.
This summer was a good experience for the entire division living with many different personalities for an entire summer is not an easy task, but with patience and understanding anything can be accomplished. The senior girls have learned to do this.
I sincerely hope that the friendships made this summer will continue throughout the years.

Have a good winter,