Attention Boy's Camp... " Lower Senior Power, Lower Senior Power" to all campers and counselors in this year's Lower Senior Division, this familiar rallying cry has special meaning in significance. For 1976 was truly a year of " Lower Senior Power", which was demonstrated in a variety of ways.
Ranger Playhouse opened its 1976 season with the Lower Senior production of Oliver, and by the finale the audience was yelling and stamping for "some more." It was in Oliver that Matty Barkoff let it all hang out for the first of many times this summer. Matt Charles' touching performance as Oliver, beautifully complimented by Jerrold Fruchtman's hilarious Artful Dodger were other high spots in the show.
"Lower Senior Power" was also shown on the athletic fields, as we won both of our inter-camp games against Camps Lokota and Olympus. Our " A" basketball team went through another season undefeated in inter-camp competition, highlighted by the performances of Matty Barkoff, Scott Rubine, Alan Gaspin, Eric Solomon, and coach Larry Pearlman. We also ran four competing leagues this year in which the championships are being contested as this paper goes to press.
But there was far more to our group this year than athletics. There were the trips to Mt. Cathalia and Mt. Wittenberg led by Dave Adams, ice skating, roller skating, bowling, and movies, all of which we enjoyed together.
If there is one word to describe the 1976 Lower Seniors, it would be togetherness. It was truly a group in which the campers and counselors felt and showed their deep affection for one another. All of those various activities and emotions we shared together forged the Lower Senior spirit which is a special feeling which we all will remember about the summer. This feeling comes from great campers and great counselors. I know that every Lower Senior feels as I do, that our counselors were the best in the world. Four them became Color War officers, and all showed the love and understanding which made our division the great group it was. Mere words can never expressed gratitude that I and every camper hold for Neal Barkoff, Larry Pearlman, Todd Schwartz, Stan Cherney, Barry Abramowitz, and Barry Seymour. The all gave of themselves willingly and unselfishly to make our summer satisfying and fulfilling. Last of all I wish to thank the Lower Seniors themselves, who gave me the best summer of my life. "Lower Senior Power", right on to next year.

Roy Schuchman