August, 1976

Dear Mom and Dad,
Another great summer at Camp Ranger is drawing to a close. It was the best. I was a Deb-teen and all the girls my bunk were terrific. Our counselors with a best in the entire camp.
We went on it overnight camping trip to Mt. Cathalia, where we visited ice caves, and did some rock climbing. All of our evening activities were really special. Most of them were co-ed and our counselors planned them for the most fun possible. We played Truth or Consequences, had an eat down, and a Sing Down. We put on the show Oklahoma, and a whole camp gave it rave reviews. Some nights we left camp to go ice skating, bowling, roller skating, or to a movie. Each time we all had fun.
The Deb-teens were really victorious in inter-camp games. We defeated Camp Olympus in two softball games. The most exciting thing we did this summer was the canoe trip down the Delaware River. We paddled twelve miles of the river, watching for rocks and rapids. It was like a twelve mile roller coaster ride.
Color War was the climax of all our activities. It proved to the entire division how much we really improved in everything. The swim meet, tennis games, softball and volleyball games were all a lot of fun. The teams were spirited, and the Sing was great.
I feel sorry to see this great summer come to an end. Please, Mom and Dad, let me come back to Ranger next year. All my friends will be back and the summer will be twice as much fun.

A Ranger Deb-teen