Summer 1976

Dear Mom and Dad,
How you? I am having the greatest summer of my life. I can't believe that after years of waiting I have finally made it to the bombers. What a great division we have. We have two leagues the summer, softball and hockey. The leading batters in the softball league are Rich Karp, Stu Warren, Scott Miltchman, Adam Geiger and top teams so far is the Phillies. In our hockey league, the leading scorer is Adam Geiger and the first-place team is the Islanders. The other sports replay a lot our soccer and basketball. In the sports we have clinics so we can improve our skills. We also have gone on some really great night trips. One night we went roller skating at Funfare. My friend Steven won the limbo contest that night. We also went bowling in Liberty and ice skating at Kutchers. The greatest was when we went to Liberty and story Clint Eastwood cowboy movie. We had the whole theatre to ourselves and we yelled and screamed as much as we wanted. On one sunny afternoon we took hike to Finebergs farm and went swimming in their gorgeous pool. The hike back was hard but it was nothing compared to the time we hiked to Kauneonga Lake. We stopped off at the go cart track and had quite a thrill speeding around the track. Thinly went to Newmans general store and had sodas. The Bomber show this year was Oklahoma. I was in the chorus but I still had a great time. My buddies Mike Cohen, Todd Schnitt, and Larry Schott had the leading roles at all the Bombers showed we were Broadway material. Then came color war. The camper captains were Barry Glassman and Stu Goldstein. The competition was really fierce but both teams remained friends throughout the battles. The next thing we have planned is the trip to the Catskill Game Farm. It sure to be a great one. I can't wait until I can taste the slush cones. Before I and this letter I want to tell you about my counselors. They certainly made the summer for the guys and me. Dave, Neal, Don, Andy, Seth, Charlie, Richie, Brian, and Ray. They had to be the best group in camp. They were always patient, always loving in caring and always guiding. I can truly say that because of them, I have learned a lot this summer, not only about camp but about life. It's funny in a way, as the summer draws to a close, I do feel like coming home and being with the family again. But I also have feelings that I will miss these campers and counselors who I lived with. We shared the ups and downs and we all learned a lot from each other. I know that when I leave at will cry, because it will never be the same again. I'll be older next summer and things will have different meanings and they do now. But this summer will remain in my mind and most of all