After rainy but some spotted summer, the Camp Ranger Inters of 1976 have memories of: Tuesday nights co-ed campfire sings, special ice cream and candy "bunk nights" and those "flashlight night" movies.
Other enjoyable evening activities were Monday night movies, THE pizza party, scavenger hunt, musical chairs and roller skating on boys side.
Inters, do you remember our co-ed trips bowling, skating, go-carting and our final co-ed activities: the trip to the Catskill Game Farm and the prom?
The endurance Olympics were warm-up activities to the competition of inter-camp games. All the Inters had an opportunity to participate in inter-camp games, either home or away.
The Red Fence had its special enchantment for the Inters as well as the co-ed performances of Peter Pan and the Bicentennial Special. Some girls had the opportunity to be in Hair, Music Man and the final revue.
The Rabbi invited the Inters to be members of the Shabbis choir. During Saturday morning services we sat with a camp sisters and renewed friendships.

Remember: "special privileges"
blueberry picking
collecting tennis balls
occasional visits from flying and running "friends"
Melvin's long letters
Monday's wash day sending a scurrying and Wednesday laundry day sent us hurrying
lighting our own candles on Shabbis
" gum" for things well done
bike trips
hikes for pizza, candy or ice cream, and our final candle lighting.....

Only the summer of ' 77 can be better. Until then, remember Ranger summer of '76.

Peg Gartland
Inter Group Leader