The '75 Inters of Ranger participated in a summer including the specialty activities of dance, twirling, ham radio, astronomy, tennis,, and archery. The counselor assisted the campers in learning and playing BBG, newcomb, squash, softball, kickball, ping pong, and tetherball. The two daily swims supervised by our two competent waterfront instructors were a blessing through the heat of the summer. Most of the Inter division campers passed their deep water test., a preliminary step to the half lake swimming test. All of the Inters who attempted the half lake test passed. This test is a requisite for taking out surf boards, sail boats and kayaks.

Other activities included arts and crafts. This year the Inters created such items as carrying bags, candles, candleholders, fuzzy animals, fancy fish-and lanyards.

The girls really enjoyed the treat of having a pie made with the blueberries they picked. Fresh vegetables purchased at "the farm" after a sunny day hike were also enjoyed.

Special day trips were to the Sullivan County Fair, the circus, the Walt Disney Film Festival and the Catskill Game Farm. Among the various evening activities was a scavenger hunt in which no one could find or define a midget. The girls wore horse, heads at the exciting Ranger Raceway. The productions of "Snow White" and H.M.S. Pinafore" involving the youngest groups of boys and girls at Ranger delighted the captive audience. Bingo, the masquerade ball, Monday night movies, bowling, ice skating, and the dating game were some of the co-ed evening activities enjoyed by both campers and counselors.

The summer ends with awards night, the prom, "Ranger Banquet, the candle lighting ceremony, and with warm memories of those with whom they shared their summer.

Pegg Gartland
Group Leader - Inters