My first year as munchkin group leader was a very rewarding one. Living with young boys 24 hours a day for 2 months can be a trying experience for some, but I don't find it that way; I find that each summer I learn more and more from these kids, each day brings forth new learning opportunities and now ways of communicating with children. The Munchkin division this year was indeed exceptional.

The camp season brought to us a full range of athletic activities. A very successful Basketball league was established. It demonstrated to the kids the many aspects of the game and taught them team work and cooperation. The many hours on the Softball fields brought out the true grit talents of our kids. Hockey clinics for the division opened up a new horizon for many of the boys who had never encountered the sport before. Additionally, there were many other team games such as dodgeball, kickball and newcomb; as well as individual activities such as Ping-Pong, boxball, roller skating, go-karting and ham-radio. In summation the athletic activities of the division were well planned to give the kids new experiences as well as to reinforce their old ones.

The non-athletic activities ranged from pioneering to nature hikes, while exploring animals in their natural habitat. Trips to the Monticello fair, chestnut mts, the Walt Disney movies, bowling, ice-skating, were all enjoyed as extra activities.

The highlight of the season was the three day competition - Color War - were non-athletic and athletic events were combined to provide excitement and joy for the division.

As the '75 season draws to a close, I wish to mention those people who made the summer an enjoyable one for all -- Ronnie Hauben, Steven Pelta, Paul Goldberg and Mark Gableman who showed the way to rookie counselors Chico, Ronnie and Jon. The counselors are the backbone of camp, and ours stood up on top.

In closing the summer was great, and for 56 days we all learned and experienced things that we may have never experienced without a summer at Camp Ranger.

Barry "Bo" Lang