0nce again I am confronted with the sad task of writing a "farewell note". I am doing so with mixed emotions; sad, at the parting, but so happy to have been part and parcel of our big, happy family at this haven I call "Never, never land".

No longer will I hear your excited voices or witness your exuberance at play, but the memories will linger for a long time. You too will recall and talk about the fun you had at camp.

I was touched by the greeting I received at the "Meet the Counselors Night, it spoke volumes! For that and so much more, I am deeply grateful.

It has been a privilege and a pleasure to have been with you again this summer.

Health and happiness to all of you

With much love,
"Aunt Carol"

To my Ranger Girls:

Our pleasant times together at Ranger will be fondly remembered in the months to come.

To the new girls and old, your kindnesses and consideration were most rewarding.

As all happy times must come to an end, I must say so long for awhile with my wish for all of you that many happy summers lie ahead.

My love to you always,
Your Aunt Jean