Millendorf, Gerald- some full tanks; a false break; a turtle; a friendly doctor for the whole summer.
Malin, Steve- a likeable head O.D.; monopoly set; a girlish decision.
Mutterpearl, Jeffrey- mountain climbing; a decision.
Pelta, Steve- Ranger Trails without G.; a permanent bunk for the summer; a travelogue for C.R.; a big whistle; a summer away from Richie.
Pearlman, Larry- a starting position on and off the court; tons of food; a car for eight weeks.
Pulver, Gerald- we leave him R.T.
Reimer, Brian- hair dryer; some clothing; a Jap a co-counselor; all the women in the world; finally he beat his brother.
Ruskin, Jeff- a new back; Rita for a summer; H.C. in the horizon; Rivera; Greaux; and a championship.
Schector, Billy- all around camper; c'mon lets go to sleep; Noude.
Schnitt- a good picture; messy cubbies; a winning colorwar team; a Florida friend; let's go get up; a judge position in next year's colorwar; a lacrosse scholarship to John Hopkins.
Schuchman, Roy- a night without Sue; and with Sue; a check at the Nevele; all the way with 14; a night at G.D. and thought we were alone; False.
Schwartz, Donald- Laurie the the dock; wheels; No-Doz for the woods; rookie of the year; the big N.
Soodak, Jan- a stomach ache; limb problems; a girl who cares; a mellow temper; the O.B.'s; and B.E.
Stern, Ronnie- a pair of sneakers; hairblower; a portable bed.
Tover, Craig- tennis lessons; a quiet co-counselor; a waitress to keep him company.
Katz, Scott- thin, not!; women, False!; get, not!; Roy, Allan, and other cool people, NOT.
Stanger, Bob- more rocks than he can handle; Linda; and health and happiness throughout the year.
Bakst, Shauna- Chico; spanish lessons
Barr, Cherise- H.W.; a waterskiing instructor; the plumber
Belsky, Linda- tea after meals; a supermarket in her cubbies; McDonalds; a lot of bread; a night with Steve Gonedes.
Epstein, Bonnie- Bruce; JS & SR; BLEEPK; a bunk with no fights; a clean bunk; Shari's pants; a private fight with LM; Jut; food to munch on; midnight talks; salad every night.
Erdman, Beth- F.F.O. Neil Dumb; Rose; a flying angel ride.
Foster, Robin- stars and moons forever, a new car next summer; a brother she talks to; a job next year in the infirmary.
Gartland, Margaret-
a Yiddish dictionary; a kosher meat and milk meal with health foods; a latrine for the girls to clean.
Glaser, Alyse- candy for all of Girl's camp; two unmentionable names; true confession talk on the porch; dock duty on the surf; shirts to borrow and shirts to lend; a car to leave camp at night.