It seems so strange to read a paper full of memories that was the summer just past. As you gaze through this special Fiftieth Edition of Ranger Trails, your thoughts will carry you to those times in Ranger that you'll remember the rest of your life: the walk to the lake, an overnight shared with an English gentleman, Ruskin and his group doing a counselor concert, Alvin, witch-ee-poo, cook-outs, plays, color-war, Birthday Ball, Ranger Raceway, Southern Fried Chicken, forest friends that came to visit, intercamp games, letters from home, passes for the phone, canteen, lighted courts, a new friend, a sunset, a new song, a skill...

On a cold winter day, with the snow too deep to venture into... think back on the times you've had at the lake, picnicking on the guest lawn, gazing at the stars, being with friends.

If I had to pick the most valuable experience that Ranger offered me in these last years, I would say Friendship. Those friends that we make at Ranger seem somehow special. Is it because we live with them and see their ups and downs? Is it because we share packages, joys, good times, rainy days, hair-dryers and diet cherry tab?

Girl's side has been quite an experience for me... I wish to thank several people that helped make it as successful as it was: Pegg, Rita, Judy, and Fran served as group-leaders extraordinaire Stu, Sue, Jack, Robin, Joan, Barry, and Dave all gave us their magic through the specialties that they have mastered and helped us to master; Esther for her concern with programming and arranging many of the good times we've had. The AIDES and Cits have helped all of us in classes, activities and in running our GCO. By far, the largest thanks is one due to an excellent counselor staff. I believe the concern, thoughtfulness, and love given to our campers by this year's staff was unusually sincere and full of dedication.

Now we leave the world of Ranger and enter our homes, schools and communities again... Hello to radio, TV, homework, walking the dog and clearing the table. All that's left of Ranger are the memories. Memories that light the mind and warm your heart. Thank you, thank you all for leaving me with the warmest of memories and the glow in my heart.