Feldman, Susan- Michelle in '76; "Stuie", chipped nails; letter or a phone call from Mark; a talk with --- ; a summer when both her brothers talk to her; gymnastic queen; a solo canoe trip.
Itzkowitz, Fran- Lori B.; a letter from Zack; a monopoly game with SM & EL; a night with Dave; evaluation sheets; affection; a FAIR colorwar; a girls camp that she could call her own.
Klein, Penny- Monticello boys; cigarette case; a burglar proof-house; giggles at night; 2 bed boards; midas JR; Frank Sinatra.
Koningsberg, Marla- a brother who can last a whole summer; a sewing machine.
Kopp, Linda- memory of your song "love will keep us together; 2 hours of rest.
Kottler, Bonnie- a bone; an unwanted visitor; an extra OD: a curfew; Queens college together; Ms. mellowite; a ride around the lake in starship; stay free all your life; a good mood.
Kramer, Merl- Sue and Shelly; general of '76; a co.
Liebel, Shelly- 5 pairs of gym shorts; Marcy to always keep you company; a maid to keep changing your bed.
Muchnick, Jane- a bullhorn; sweat pants; a roll-on.
Naiztat, Debra- deflated buns; "Do I have ballerina legs"; a new habit, but can't inhale; Hair that can't keep a style; Kotch.
Lang, Mindy- the waitress bunk; EM; "Lay down I think I love you"; a shag haircut; Barry; drugstore for the present; coordinator; a ship of 3,000 men; a tennis partner; peace, love, and bell bottoms.
Ruskin, Anne- an unused pair of dancing slippers; a full schedule of activities with girls who will do them.
Rosen, Joyce- a bunk to eat with
Schector, Ronnie- at least $375, a short lived pregnancy, a box of tissues, cottage cheese, tuna fish without mayo, organic peanut butter, a pixie haircut, raisins and honey, an unpopular fiance, a self shining diamond ring and love and happiness forever with Sol.
Sheri Steurenthal- a bunk to love and cherish, a razz she likes, a co- counselor that's around more often, another fight with Jeff "EM", a shower, Romas, Mutt's car guest lawn, a private room at H, U, and last of all friends that care.
Randi Subotky- Adoptky, another canoe trip with Susan, 11:59, 11:58, 11:57 a co-counselor she can laugh at-a smart 'sister with no common sense!!!!!!! spiders and webs to burn, some athletic ability- a little bit of art credit; a sky flying boyfriend who hasn't returned yet and might never! a smile she wakes up with...
Such, Linda-
an American accent; a home not to far awayy; a sweet bunk
Wald, Sue- Roy; a day of laughter
Wolpin, Susan- makeup; Dave; soul dancing; a diet; Lyle; Jerry; Shelly; a mop to blow dry; Smith; peaches.
Estrin, Linda- at least $375, a short lived pregnancy; a box of tissues, cottage cheese; tuna fish; and love and happiness forever with Sol.
Appenzeller, Michelle- Rena; when? "I'm not that type", MA-HO-GE, Dear Jan, Of course, Craig
Horowitz, Meryl- A ladder to get on her bunk bed, a blanket that stays tucked on the bed, a meeting with Xaviera,
her own brush, place to keep her wallet, a bunk that won't laugh when she yells.
Potter, Andy- Blind date, an open window
Melnick, Freda- A whole summer, Fran, CIT_2, super group leader of next year, I can't believe you Frieda, harmony,
biting her tongue, a new wardrobe, cottage cheese