Barkoff, Neal- an- Israeli girlfriend; an organ; Tyler Hill; a bed in the canteen; chocolatefactory.
Benson, Mitch- crazy horse; a beak afro-sheen; an animal bunk.
Bieber, Bruce- playing time on the counselor team; friends; a jockey brother; the use of Chet and his back seat; ICHM shirt, pants, and sweat suit.
Cohen, Jonathan- a new brown sweat suit; the queen; the princess, chicken legs; sleeping late on his day off; bowling with the boys; and a good tennis game.
Diez, Formin- a free wedding; a Manhattan pad; a real moustache, his own place on guest lawn.
Feldman, Mitchell- Mike Berger at FDU; barbecue; a diet.
Friedman, Chet- Gonedes; Licker; a belly, a thousand points; a sister who he can beat; a scholarship at Kutscher's, a dinner with Larry Pearlman; a scorebook; a second chance at the all star game, 2 more points against Brookwood; high school yearbook.
Goldberg, Paul- S & B's; a sideview mirror; Noah; fish sticks; his own package from Mommy; a hair dryer for his own use; a non-swaying bed; a Seiko; an electric razor that works.
Hauben Ronald- Mindy Lang; "Hey Nonny Nonny Nonny Yes"; a new tennis racket handle; acolorwar officer; The Princess; $200 worth of gas and service; finding Howie; a certificate forGreat Driving; a lifesize huggable statue of Shelly Clownman.
Kalick, Elliot- a full summer his shooting touch; the office boys of 1976; Florida retirement at ago 20; a collect phone call; a bunk that uses the toilets; Rusty's toilet an axe; Tums for the tummy.
Kellman, Charles- a set of steel tires; thick dry hair; a period off; My Bonnie lies over the ocean.
Klein, Richard- a Donna doll
Korder, Kenny- a job, Old Debel Moon; a years subscription to the Joe Jock Club; the Cat and LBuns; a day off; a pizza; some hair.
Korngut, Marty- Marty Korngole; Kornflakes; Kornbead; goods-I got 'em; want to go on aovernight; Nechamkin; Berger.
Lang, Barry- Z's; onions; a new thumb; tackle lessons; pistachio nuts; drums; a backgammon tournament match with S.F; a sister; a crown; a Staff.
Mervish, Alan- a Penny for his thoughts; a summer of "California Dreamin'", MitchSiegel; a screwdriver for his snacks; a 10:30 reveille; how many days off?---78; Pelta