Harvey Mutterperl- Leechy Lee Doll, a ride out of camp, Elyse the piece, a brother he doesn't have to look up to anymore.
Doug Sadonnick- a new baby sitter, a year supply of paper bags, "Tuna -Fish", a lwad inthe play, Melowite, the Munchkins, a broom, a pretab, a 10 o'clock curfew.
Rob Halper- a visit to Monte's Free clinic, W.K. twice a week, a pool table, a C.K. doll, the scare of his life, a losing hand, a night at Hill-El, a weekend at the Stevensville.
Mark Kahn- the best waiter award, a kick in the back, R.T. doll, a day off during color war.
Steve Tabor- best sportsmanship award, a "Brown Tongue", an Afro, a mop instead of hair, Shep, Z Big Tipper, a feather from Kathy, Jon-Per-Ed doll.
Ron Turner- Europe '72', Judy, Gaines Burgers, cleanliness award, a pipe, cherry tobacco, a shave, one-eight of the pool ?, sunglasses, starship.
Steve Lynn- Leecher, his own pair of fryes, Marlboro factory, Scott Reimer doll, a nite out without Scott, I'm "cool" award, money management, passkey to waiters I, sunglasses, own hair-blower.
Scott Reimer- Brooklyn, a car of his own, broken windows, shoe fights, grenades ready, acurfew, Doc Gerry, a new set of lights, a night's sleep in Bunk 20, Zulu, English lessons.
Ron Tauscher- a Winny, a renewed contract, a school basketball team with arms and legs, "I think she likes me", Eddie-Robo-Robo, Bennett's shirt.
Jim Tepperberg- a milk-dud, Richie's new girl-friend, H.D., W.W., H.W.
Bennett Windheim- a new image, Prefontaines' supporter.
Steve Schwam- a visit from his parents, a night in N.Y., a closet in the, shower.
Perry Rindenow-
Kuru juice, a pool hall where he's not the only one with arms & logs, "You're out of it".

Laurie Greenblatt- nights at the guest D., he's different, I'm falling in love again, switchies, MA-HO-GE, I can't teach, Cindy's shoulder.
Charri Goldberg- the fickle finger of fate award, NO... "I'm a nice girl", alarm clock, the bunk is split in half, I don't know if he likes me.
Ellen Katz- a fly swatter under her pillow, a mother, "Where's Ellen ?", a wedding date, Pat's sense of humor.
Sue Berman- Ketchup bottles, always on time, G.D., J.T., silence is golden, Fallsview after curfew.