Gregg Palmerini- Palmo, anything with a point on it, a night's sleep without his cloths.
Dana Sheer- table manners, good housekeeping seal, Brookwood, red checkered pants, pizza.
Doug Roth- a lifetime supply of tissues, something he likes for lunch, a cubby just for his handkerchief, a refrigerator for his nightly soda.
Steven Davis- a robot that follows him around and picks up his clothes, makes his bed, fixes his cubbies, and every other domestic chore he so very often forgets to do, an electric razor.
Jeff Nardoza- Mitch Siegel, a pass to bunk 11's shower.
Keith Rosen- a lifetime supply of toothpaste to keep his smile bright, very FEIN summer next year.
Andry Stahl- pepperoni by the tons, a healthy visiting day, a bed that doesn't collapse, a hair-dryer for only
him, a new tennis racquet
Jeff Marmelstein- toilet paper to wrap his trophy in, an alarm clock set to go off when pizza comes.
Mitch Siegel- A magic bed that nobody can touch, his own A&C shack, a hotline to tell Bob.
Robert Corell- Skunky, canoe trips, rangers rocketeer, the hat, soap, MVA in hockey, bed making award, older women.
David Cutler- Lips, a winning color war plaque, Regina, a new pair of eyes, a winning team in leagues, a trip to France, Hush Puppies.
David Druckman- it takes a thief, Pam, sportsmanship, smooth legs, two guests, M.K. & A.M., senior porter.
Mark Klugman- the basic lump, Rep-Li-Ca, 1975 Mug Award, second in line to L.W., Brookwood, a new blow dryer, the basic.
Dean Rubine- waste, Atomic powder machine, Mr. Wizard., MIP in Softball, Organ-Grey.
Elliot Schwartz- Elmore, a new foot, a toilet with a pillow and sheets, fights with Lumpy, Rep-Li-Ca, empty laundry bag, Linda, senior porter.
Lenny Weinstein- a new mug, new hair, Pam, chicken-pox, sportsmanship, a new temper, Lady Byng Award, a passing Greggy, a good clean shave.
Jeff Silverman- Jose, perma-set hair, Silverburg, the lead role, a winning Softball team.
Greg Weitzner- "Mr. Clean"...a look for his Dr. B's...a golden tennis...2 months of to use a tooth brush... a happy hoop league team.