Robert Baker- Brookwood; an argument a new tennis racket; backgammon pieces.
Victor Berg- streaking with Jon; a Gonedes doll; a maid; a longer sheet; bunk 17; Mike Berger; a bed on the rafters, Birdman.
Steven Gruenstein- loudspeaker; Sloan's Pumas; more questions; Binaca; letters; a dry basketball; a girlfriend; complaints.
Alan Gardner- an appetite; a new mug; a doll of Victor - a skunk hunt, I can be____ if I want to...
Kenneth Goldstein- a girlfriend; a winning tennis match; more Marathon bars.
Brian Oliff- a full summer, a wrestling match with Bruno.
Robert Jenny- good looks; girlfriend lessons from Richie Waxman; a friend from home that he likes; lower senior curfew.
Jonathan Slone- a party in the back of the bunk; a clean shirt; nice mug; a truckload of food; a 12" salami sandwich; a fight with Licker; night on the B-ball courts with Carolyn
Richard Waxman- a well built girlfriend; Oceanside; Modesty; why are the counselors jealous of me?
Josh Albert- a clean pair of socks and a can of right guard, some good records; a night in the ring with Charles Jenny.
Charles Jenny- another dream about Shelly; an ulcer from all his worries; a trip to Phoenix.
David Licker- a bottle of tranquilizers; enough strength to over power Cleve Christie; a book entitled "How to be Mellow"; an enforcer for the enforcer.
Arnold Capitanelli- an easier name to spell; a vacuum cleaner to pick up his clothes; a nice Italian meal.
Glenn Lamon- sweep for the next ten years; a wrinkle proof bed; a pair of fins; a night in Bunk 7.
Danny Sadanowich- a date with Jimmy Durante; another chance of catching Sugar Bear's triple; a drum set.
Alan Wald- Camp Pocono- Romona; a pass from Greg Weitzner; a pair of diapers.
Aaron Weber- a basic hammer and some standard nails; an all expense trip to Cuzeyvillle; a night in the dryer a la Simon.
Steve Bigelson- a voice and something to say; the Beeg; some new horses to race.
Marc Carnoff- the night watchman; Jodi; an alarm clock for a pillow; wanna go on a raid.
Gary Gabelman- the Goose; Hoop league captain ; older brother; Lennie-len-a-pee.
Steve Gonedes- "Hey!"; Cha-a-arlie Jenny; a night with the cat; color-war comic song; Phineus, nedes; last will and testanence.
Peter Levy- nothing about girl's, the O.B.'s, only dropped one in two tears.
Alan Margolis- Sugar Bear, THE BEAR, a pain in the back.