Scott Gottdiener- shaving cream; a new sleeping bag; Brookwood; a lacrosse hall; his own electric blanket; a bed of his own; She's easy she's breezy...
Fred Leighton- a golden golf club; Freddie my love; Freddie my love; Freddie my lo-ove; "Leave me alone; a whistle, a shower; compliments of the bunk.
David Nachenberg- a relative from Rumania; shaving cream and a razor; a laugh; a new laugh.
David Karp- "King of the flies"; 4 book on Astronomy; Frog eyes; a punch in the face (Compliments of Bill); Gruber.
Jeff Lipton- "Get off my bed, Blum!"; the lip; "Off my hair my beautiful his own linebacker; rodar mouth; a marriage to Joe Blum.
Robert Moses- Boballo; How to lay down at night; a new blanket; 9 dollars; a hat that fits; Cutie Pie; a new place to put his hands.
William Shilkoff- a voice box; a new book to read; a shower; the Ranger Swimming Award; a new punching bag.
Robert Glick- cheeks; bever; an honest statement; a new bunk; a color-war fake; a book on how not to be obnoxious.
Daniel Albert- a flip for the other side to even things out- a lower voice to whine with.
Alan Bierfass- bulldog; clean and quiet mouth; a book on how to make a lay-up MVP in B-ball tournament; clean shirt.
William Berg- clean bed; a friend from home; wet ones; a right hand for hoops clean T-shirt.
Howard Davis- yea sure; right sure; anything you say; nice glands; clean and quiet mouth.
George Teret- clean and quiet mouth; hairbrush; membership to the N.Y. Islanders side burns; Guinness world book of records for spitting.
Bryan Bloch- 1,000,000 questions; locked briefcase to keep comicbooks hidden out of the bunk; you're late for line-up again.
Michael Berman- a Georgia Peach; publicity records from WNEW; Grape juice instead of wine at services; shiksa; Herman and Berman and more freaky T-shirts.
Gavin Christie- an L.S. doll a good wrist; a bed with Neil; broken windows.
Neil Federer- Dr' J's sneakers; Dunkin Munchkins; a kiss like a fish; president of Joe Jock Club; a new Tommy tape; Ellen's----.
Andrew Feldman- Rick Barry foul shooting lessons; Up chuck Apple Jacks; cough syrup; a clean sleeping bag; sportsmanship award;, an assist; candy; Joe Jock Club.
Jeffrey Glick- a batting crown; the Stanley Cup; Joe stud with the foxies.
Steve Tesch- a calculator; "Get off my bed"; an opposite field Homer; a pick and roll; an assist; the Maryland Terrapins(2-10) and UCLA (2-10) = 4 and 20, .125 pct.; X; =
Gary Moelis- a new tennis racket; his own hockey team; a hoarse in Cinncinati; Senior Life Saving; a nice mug.
Wayne Olan- a Yankee T-shirt; a scazzled moose; wowsie; odious; "Killer, you're always picking on me ; a wedgie; clean socks.
Jared Wohl- "A" Baseball team; Birnbaum's cheese doodles; a new Dyno-Mite shirt, and Sharon L.
Daniel Weinberg- more dimples; "Eh, Foster"; an attitude; a team without Rucker; Joe Jock Club; Wayne to beat on; Technical Foul's