Larry Attia- get off my bed; pussycat; sleepy; goody good; Jets; met games; can I have... ; leave me alone.
Jeffrey Bangel- nestles hot chocolate; lets wrestle; his own tennis balls; Glick's letters; chicken legs; Tara.
Phillip Goldstein- his own mirror; two black and blue marks; a winning color-war team; Phillis; Shari; a new mattress.
Edmundo Lluberes- Mundy; Puerto Rico; tennis balls; sleepy; deadhead; the prom; the banquet.
Steven Lichtman- you get burnt; a raid in the first month; a new alarm clock; a shofar; Glick for another month; Shelly__; any girl; chicken legs.
David Pushkin- his home; more tears; Allison; a new watch; a whole summer; ask me for my pen next time; Jay Weingarten.
Matty Barkoff- a REISS peanut butter cup; some more ham to ham it up even more; promptness; a winning team; a Simple way of dealing with his problems; a Woody nose.
Barry Birnbaum- a Friday package; a mother who's not in camp; his own private nurse; squeaky teeth.
Mathew Finkelstein- Pillsbury dough boy; some more flies to play with, a girl for every week of the summer, a Barkin good time.
Lee Goldberg- a bigger face to wear that smile., a basketball game at every activity; a hoop league record.
Brad Roth- some weight; loud mouth.; more Oceanside people; a hearty appetite;, Mr. Universe award.
Cliff Rucker- a mouth; more royalties for letting mad magazine carry his face on the cover, "If Jeff could only see me now"; some shirts that fit; Lance Rucker; table manners.
Gary Simon- some more records in S.B.L.; a concerned attitude; a cooler outlook on things; a blond who's even cooler; a "D" softball game; M.V.P. of "C" volleyball, M.V.P. of Gym Dolly league".
Lenny Brodsky- tube socks; the rest of the summer; more and more tennis lessons.
Donald Fabricant- piano lessons; Amy's love; a full summer; a stereo with lots of records; Elton John.
Harold Newman- a full summer; a bed of his own; a bar-mitzvah five months later.
To the bunk: a bunk that cleans itself; promptness; an "Animal" bunk; a healthy and happy winter.
Joseph Blum- a one way ticket to Saudi Arabia; an alarm clock; a package of Kosher pig products; ten easy to read lessons on how to be a nurse; "The almighty one"; a basketball shot.
Jeffrey Felder- the mug that beats a11 mugs; the Ape man; for once to win in monopoly; a bed-board a clean bed; a new pair of moccasins; where is the fro?
Alan Gaspin- bones; color-war; B-ball; mother of the mugs; for once to win a pillow fight; a pair of gym shorts that fit.