John Palmerini- a book on how to smile; a bunk he can write his name all over; a metal box; a brother that doesn't look like him.
Larry Schott- the cutie-pie award; a plane ticket to Turkey to meet Mehmet; "sort of"; a pillow that tells time.
Mitchel Seidman- a clean bed; a clean cubbie; a book on how to use a broom; a maid for David; strat-o-matic.
Robert Lapinski- being on the A team; another month; a place for his garbage; a smile to match John's.
To the bunk: lots of love; sunshine; and happiness forever. From the best counselor to the best bunk Thanks for a great summer.
Ricky Anderson- cooled buns; track shoes.
Adam Geiger- a fly without wings; a toad family; an unscratched tennis racquet.
David Kass- an unbreakable woopie-cushion; an uncluttered bed; a backgammon game without knocking.
Jonathan Judd- the position of "President" in the Beatles fan club; art lessons.
Isaac Escava- chicken substitute every meal; the top part of a double decker bed; a pizza every night.
Steven Kahane- an Ikey doll; an appetite.
Andrew Fink- a case of juice; a scorers job with the Mets.
Eric Bass- hair straightener; George; an appetite.
Wayne Firsty- waterskiing; a hockey team that won't leave; a reunion at the Puerto Rican Hilton; Mr. Generosity; complainer.
Gerald Fruchtman- Fruchtusky; a counselor meeting on his bed; a waddle.
Scott Rubine- a phone call; a big brother; a coach; a swimming pool.
Glenn Schuster- pet sounds; sharing the laundry.
Adam Stanger- the sting; "Moss his face"; a haircut.
Ricky Spiro- Visine; Olan's laundry; a hook from Sharon
Larry Tesch- a personal maid; confidence; a newspaper
Frederick Harran- a suitcase; "Hustler"; seconds in dessert.
Steven Krauss- "Hustler"; a package from home; a homerun.
Marc Lipton- a neat bed; hardboiled eggs; tennis on the roof.
Gary Mann- Hebrew homework; the top of the bunk-bed.
Scott Morrel- a banana; a map of the bunk; a hot shower; karate lessons with Dave; a treehouse.
Steven Palmerini- a watermelon; a bowl of Farina with cinnamon; a good flashlight.
Alan Rothman- a secret letter from Beth; a "Playboy"
Jay Weingarten- allergy medicine; empty cans of Pringles.
To the bunk: a spaceship; a pizza; bagels; a backgammon set; "Why can't we go to Arts and Crafts?"'