Ralph Escava- a younger brother in camp to pick on; punching bag of "Ike".
Jonny Habib- a 10 pound bag of white pistachio nuts; a maid; two good years; a girlfriend to last.
Josh Malina- a package; a winning color-war captain ship; a raspberry.
David Stampher- a sailboat; a laundry-matt of his own.
Ralph Tawil- a maid; a noun; a tape of "what did I do?'' a clean shirt; a nice face.
Gregory White- someone to sleep with; tickle torture; a week's vacation with J.H.
Jonathan Glassman- an angry smile; deep water; an infield position in softball; the unabridged version of the four letter word dictionary.
Robert Gilbert- "What?"; a bed that makes itself every morning; first place at Kutcher's
Steven Gold- Monopoly; trouble for the O.D.'s; 56 Lazy days; " Change for swim! No!
Stuart Goldstein- 56 days of personal maid service; a basketball which can't be stolen, S.S. for a kissin' cousin, thongs, pizza.
David Kaplan- Another lead in another play, cheddar cheese and crackers, a private entrance to the guest dining room, the captain of the pinafore, Kaps, 2 big cheeks.
Philip Nadel- A summer like last year, his own cubbies, a little more food on visiting day, Mama: Nadel's Bakery.
Steven Streichler- An automatic night brace, 6 big boxes of Barton's candy, horseback riding every day, a kissing BETH, a package a day.
Todd Schnitt- A three day long visiting day, 2 packages a day, spaghetti pig, a summer without one uncle, hot-dogs at the canteen, "I don't wanna"
David Gold- A turd,, a motorcycle to match his Suzuki shirt, a new pair of pants.
Barry Hirsch- The good guy award,, an Oscar, on alarm clock to wake him up when pizza comes.
Jeff Lichtman- A year of Walt Disney movies, a sloppy joe for every meal, a set of comic books, younger brother to protect, a bed under a bed.
Richard Karp-
A person he can complain to 24 hours, the yenter award, softball every day for the rest of his life, a statue he can ask questions to.