Sadly, but triumphantly, another beautiful summer at Camp Ranger comes to a close. As head counselor, I take great pride in knowing that every boy enjoyed a happy, healthy and eventful summer.

During the course of the summer, I saw happy and active boys receiving instruction and participating in all types of athletic activities, as well as camp specialties. These camp specialties included pioneering, dramatics, archery, arts and crafts, gymnastics, ham radio and roller-skating.

My greatest satisfaction was in the enormous amount of individual instruction that each child received in order to further develop his athletic skills. I believe that special clinics in tennis, basketball, softball and swimming were of major importance and were responsible for Ranger Boys winning many events in the "Brookwood Tennis Tournament", First place award in the Lenni-Len-A-Pe Basketball Tournament and the Ranger Invitational Softball Tournament.

On the waterfront, we had the excitement of witnessing non-swimmers become intermediate, deepwater and finally, half lake swimmers. Canoe trips along the Delaware rapids became a goal to look forward to for every camper. Geological expeditions were exciting additions to our program.

Ice skating, Ranger hockey, Bowling, Carnival and mountain climbs were just a few of the special activities enjoyed by all. campers. I was particularly happy the way our new Ranger Raceway was received. It was one of the best camp events I have ever seen. Another event the that proved to be a real winner was the 1975 Birthday Ball. The skits were great, the cakes were decorated with an artistic touch and the hats were exceptionally fine.

Social development, long lasting friendships and a good understanding of each other were perhaps the most important goals achieved by the boys at Camp Ranger. The competitive nature of The 1975 Color War added still more excitement to an exciting and fun packed summer.

It's difficult to believe that eight weeks have passed, but I look forward to being with all of you next year when we return to a new fun filled summer at Camp. Until then, I wish you all a healthy & successful school year; I hope to see you all at the Ranger reunion and we'd enjoy hearing from all of you--often.

My thanks to each and every one of you for helping to make summer at Camp Ranger - 1975 so memorable and enjoyable.