Robby Applebaum- a teddy bear; a dry bed; doc.
Richie Darmstadt- a cover over his head; a wedgie; a clean set of clothes; matchbox cars.
Jonathan Felder- work shoes; a clean bed.
Troy Gregory- a duck; a fight; Bawwy; another pair of sneakers.
Bret Gelber- Jon; food to share; a dozen pens
Gerry Prisco- Corgi cars; a yo-yo; his own spaldings; the truth.
Doug Rossinow- Comicbooks; a different pair of sneakers; postcards; a model to build.
David Lifton- spiderman; snoopy; Charlie Kellman
Arthur Raisfeld- peanuts towels; his masters in nuclear theo-metrics; his sister.
Kevin Geiger- can of Funny funny face; a few inches in height; a contract with the Knicks.
Scott Gardner- picture of Marc Rosenberg; an girl as tall as him; a Hungarian banana.
Adam Gross- Dr. B's to gargle with; a maid; his very own pizza pie.
Kenneth Hochman- a counselor bed to sleep on; a loaf of white bread; an extra sheet for his bed.
Howie Lederman- a private dressing room; another T-shirt more socks; a speed-running course.
John Litt- a book on self-defense; a date with Stacy Silverman; a few things...
Robert Malin- a private line home; his very own tapes; an electric blanket.
Todd Streichler- an automatic roll-up jelly roll; his very own basketball team; an alarm clock
Alan Weinstein- a contract to do a commercial for toothpaste; another pair of glasses; his own Playboy magazine.
Jeffrey Bernstein- an autographed picture from the Andrew sisters; a washcloth; laces; getting up at reveille
Jimmy Batesh- an agreeable cousin; a clean shirt; a supply of Coco Krispies end Apple Jacks.
Gerald Cohen- a correct flag raising; a pair of white socks a letter home.