Cindy Rogavin- Roge; SP; Brown Paper bag Special K; I'm so hungry what should I do? a ripped towel; a talk on the bleachers with Chez; six million dollar man; Life is one big ---; mumbling sounds.
Cheryl Schwam- the man that saved the pole; Snoopy; friendship rings; part of the flashcube; first impression; sun in; miniwar; a talk on the bleachers with Cuz.
Paula Warhit- War-hit; first week; Rose; electric blanket jolen; Pringles; Paula Jean; a sloppy trunk; they are my cubbies; Jaws; a tip; digging knees.
To the bunk: back rubs from Marsha; L.B., W.E.; you eat the root of
a, backgammon; and another year living with Rena.
We llo-o-ove yo-ou Ci-i-it II; Frieda; king size bed.
Rhonda Barkoff- a paralyzed-penguin; a steamship; a night at Vera's with Billy H.; Evan; a Jewish boyfriend; Shari; tree stumps, a bracelet with one less bead; an S.R. guy.
Shari Epstein- straight hair; best friends with the waitresses; a night at Vera's with Billy H.; Chet (sloppy seconds); high hopes; a week left with N.E., check out the stars; I couldn't see him, it was dark!
Laurie Geller- give me more; Aunt Lea; MM; who took my peanut butter
crunch, a cigarette; you owe me 50; not before married.
Elise Libby- a hope chest; 20 inters dressed like her; a red neck
Harvey's boardwalk; newsclipping
Sheryl Moelis- a letter from Robert; visit from Bruce; Ronny's wardrobe; Thank You; sun flower seeds; I must but I refuse long nails; a hairdresser named Wendy.
Sheryl Newman- another 5 inches; an Olympus boy; the O.B.'s; a 12 year old boyfriend; a 6 foot boyfriend; straight hair a chest that doesn't shrink; platform shoes.
Sherri Olan- a letter from Alan; a 24 hour a day stage; Captain; counselors pet; Aunt Sherri; archery range; a gorgeous boyfriend Richie; the lead; a best friend named S.E.
Leslie Schott- a pain in the tush; a story to read to Sheryl; an App-le; paged to the main office; a trip to Ma-ho-ge; Jethro Tull; Bullets.
Donna Windheim- grandma; Richie (only a good friend); E.J.J.T. a room with no germs; California guys; a gorky hunk from Olympus; a letter from Andy.
Lori Baumgarten- a nite on time; a straight part; a wet head; high hopes; Fran; I couldn't see him it was dark; Cit 2; Deja Vu.
To the bunk:

the mice; True Confessions; Pringles; 2 good toilets; honor bunk; a full day of work; boppers summer flings; Wendy Eisenberg; Lots of love & happiness to the best AIDE bunk ever!