Karen Flam- a good mood; Danny; a raid; an alarm clock that works; a new hair style.
Elaine Beiber- cones; burgers; Kvetch of the year award; pants that fit; someone to cuddle; a normal bra; clothes that match.
Cheryl Felton- a maid; I don't know what happened; it was weird, the next thing I knew only one boy.
Susan Gruenstein- a silver boy; musclebound; dumbbell; Correll.
Janet Libby- a jcalded brain; liquoor; someone to yell at; Wayne Rodgers.
Lori Rosner- Jaws; Glenn; bigger than Carolyn; Ranger girl; lessons from Penny.
Mindy Schuster- camping trip; spider logs; a boyfriend; are you my friend?
Debbie Stanger- size DD; discomfort; sooner or later ...
Linda Sternberg- a panda bear to beat the Moose; who's on my bed, could it be Mindy? intercamp games
Carolyn Wasserheit- tampering with an ax; Pittsburgh Pirates John-boy
Linda Windheim- stilts; a winning color-war team; plaids & prints; Rickey and Elles; pads
Tanya Wollen- a G.W. doll; a hick; a Ranger spoon.
Pam Kopelson- size AA; letters from Lori; an operation breaking out is hard to do.
To the bunk: welcome raiders; the cigarettes they missed all summer, and lots of love and happiness to a bunch of super terrific girls.
Caren Ehrlich- a day without whining; Lori's friends; a day without a fight with S. L.; a normal backgammon set; L.M. and C.E.
Wendy Katz- a day without falling; "I never tell a lie"; hairdresser 1975; two night fling with R. H.; a new pair of pants.
Lisa Klugman- a self-cleaning bed; ten sterile towels; a winning team; Wha--at? a bunk that doesn't fight
Shari Leisgold- M.R.; a package from M.C.; a day off with Jack; general 1976; a summer without L.B.; S.L.; L.M.- B.F.'s forever and a best friend called Rena.
Linda Malin- a piece of paper; a summer without E.G.; private fight with B.E.; socks with no partners; S.L. & L.M.- B.F. 4-ever
Cindy Feinsilver- silver; pebbles; What did I ever do to you? tomato; vibrating leg; discount shirts; small house; jolly mother from Texas; cool minded; Daddy's jokes; 70; obnoxious clap