To the bunk: Pat, You know! Dave, Finian's Rainbow, senior boys, Judy
Bunk 16, normal counselors debteen privileges? "Ho ho ho It's Magic" and "Love will keep us together"; lots of health, happiness, Peace, and love.
Kathy Bakst- toiletries from Daddy; curly top; shoes; a brother at camp; a new blanket; lieutenant in colorwar next year; a voice that never goes hoarse; more competition on the backgammon board.
Lauren Hill- perfectly set hair; 8 weeks at Ranger, a winning colorwar
team; tennis lessons with Jack and Sol
Jenny Herman- Michael; a successful raid; mouse; a hairbrush that will
stay in one place; big T'S.
Karen Ganis- Jenny; a week vacation from Ranger; Sol Michael
Sharon Lederman- Pringles; a letter from John; blowpops; a likker bottle; cuddle bunny; sex therapy for Easter.
To the bunk: a fast waitress who cleans slowly; Judy; a full seasoned counselor; no general swims; their own backgammon board; all my clothes; but more important I leave them lots of cuddles and kisses and all my love.
BUNK 17 Lisa Barkin- Matty; a diet; 9 o'clock curfew.
Suzanne Halper- a diet; big pants; a higher bunkbed; a healthy summer.
Randie Geiger- giggles; sleeping late; nails; spas.
Jodi Gregory- one boy; a night of silence; a perfect diet; raw; meow; Elroy, period.
Laura Reiss- Matty; mail; tennis pro; another cookie.
Susan Seidman- a good figure; a neat bed; 12345; a flashlight
that works
Lisa Sharon- straight hair; a secret of her own; Popeye.
Robin Stoller- non-friz; shirts galore; swatter; a tan; Astro; raw and meow.
To the bunk: love and happiness throughout the year.
Dana Chaifetz- Gary; a hickey remover; I'm not a Jap"; a different selection of clothes every day; a maid; Donald, Duck.
Bonnie Fein- Bunk 20; a carton of cigarettes; a haircut; wrapping a mature boy; Shelly.
Jodi Escava- a supermarket; a diet during the summer; boxing gloves; a bra that's not one size fits all; the Arts and Crafts shop.
Dawn Fishbein- cold soar remover; a whisper; routy mood; Dana; a smaller appetite a box of pastry's from Katz.
Debbie Firsty- Mimi's clothes; "You Dodo Head"; a Bobby doll; a regular bed.
Karen Spiro- automatic hair positioner; a mind of her own; a job as a "maseuse"; ; a lot of stat.
Shelly Raab- Richie; a lump in the mattress., a new "doggie" Bonnie.
Mimi Schwartz- skinny friend to borrow clothes from; a Mark Eden bust developer; straight hair; a diet to gain weight.