Karen Gardner- a new bed position, a counselors conversation that she
can listen to a meal that she likes; Victor and Alan; something she can't draw.
Suzanne Rosen- a bunk in the senior division; the most improved athlete award; a smile; spots for her face; a mouth that chews faster.
Robyn Rubenstein- more mail by pistachio nuts; a bed not by the back exit.
Julie Schott- a grand slam; a bunk in the senior division; a night brace that she wears.
Lynn Weinstein- lots and lots of spirit; fly swatting; an all chocolate birthday cake.
To the bunk: another chance for us to write your last wills in PRIVACY_ Thanks. Flypaper; Hillary; a shower that works; a hole in the floor; a destructive raid; a clean bunk; Pringles; 2 counselors who know how to paddle a canoe; a good waitress who talks to us; last of all we leave you all of our love.
Lisa Capitanelli- scuba diving equipment of her own; her own-private maid to pick up her mess wherever she goes.
Carolyn Gilbert- her own private BBG and Squash courts; straight hair that turns under.
Susan Subotky- a broom; a care package that her sisters don't eat.
Francine Weinberg- a doctor to listen to all of her "ailments"; a pair of boxing gloves.
Marcie Weisbach- a 4-ton care package; a pair of clogs to walk into the bathroom with; a $2.50 backgammon set.
To the bunk: a 10 in inspection; to be honor bunk for the whole summer.
Marla Correll- an exact image of Judy
Melanie Gold- an artists brush; nook in the woods.
Amy Krasner- a change of voice and a book of short stories by the Amy Krasner.
Tami Kornblum- a book to read.
Nancy Natko- a very hot cup of tea; an infirmary.
Debbie Suskin- a lollipop; a lake to swim in.
Lisa Shipper- a dictionary of excuses; a 5 pound-bag of sugar.
To the bunk: Lots of luck and happiness forever.
Linda Cohen- an eyebrow to tweeze, "Gone with the Wind" for the tenth time; Captain Fantastic; a trip to New Orleans; does it look pathetic?
Robin Cohen- a grocery store for all her care packages; a volleyball court; the generosity award; B.O.B.
Lisa Lederman- tunafish with lots of mayo; you know! a pile of clothing on the floor; Season Easter and Bede.
Tina Schector- a lead in next year's play; a spotless bunk; a day without wetting down her hair Ml & 2.
Stacy Wichard- Evan, "Sadie, Sadie married lady", "Freddy, My Love'."