Adina Olan- the Dating Game; a stage of her own; a nightbrace
a ride in the laundry truck on Sunday.
Allison Stone- a sister that she gets along with; a Missouri boyfriend; a bottle of Excedrin; a turkey roll sandwich from Aunt Jean.
Pamela Windheim- oldie records; morning visits to the infirmary, extra time for clean-up.
To the bunk: a box of Freihoffers; a jar of Noxema; skinny dipping; a secret for everyone to know; an honest game of jacks and cards without fighting; lots of happiness and all our love.
Joy Bodin- a shower; a positive attitude; counselors who she likes; a lovely girl.
Beth Friedman- pom-poms and pigtails; a new boyfriend; a phone call to Mommy; a special overnight.
Dale Fishbein- a "pool" to swim in; a good meal; "Tough".
Cara Gold- a full day of trading stationary; a bathing suit that stays tied.
Jackie Gold- a dry spot in the bunk; a brush like Sherri's.
Susan Lifton- an interesting book; "no comments".
To the bunk- an automatic bat light; scotch tape and scissors; corks for the holes in the roof; 5 tons of fly paper; a door that doesn't slam and a shower that has cold water and pressure.
Rena Bitter- a trampoline; an unbreakable brush; an animal hospital for dead flies.
Tara Gregory- a pair of boxing gloves; a bed bolted to the floor.
Melissa Herman- a round trip ticket to Puerto Rico; a pair of closed shoes.
Shari Mirojnick- a year's supply of foot powder; a Gerald Fruchtman dart board.
Marcy Rosner- a songbook with words; satin sheets; 10 o'clock reveille.
Shari Spector- the end sentence of "Gone with the Wind"; a date with the Bomber counselors.
Pauli Tawil- a tennis date with A.G.; a pro hair blower of her own; 12 pairs of Faded Glorys.
To the bunk: a moving van; a green velvet couch; and all our love.
Ellen Drachman- a bed that her counselor doesn't climb on; will it be Brookwood or Catskill Game Farm? permanent pigtails; an activity.
Michelle Felton-
a maid; 10 pounds and a diamond ring; Why are you always yelling at me? and lest but not least Victor.