Ronna Bakst- a "Big" appetite; flip flops that fit; a pair of tight fitting pants.
Vicki Betesh- famous quotations; I am I'm coming I will; a permanent made bed.
Robin Lifton- an automatic bed area cleaner; a "no hair in the face" hairdo.
Stephanie Stone- a self-combing hairdo; a case of make-up; kickball lessons; permanently attached shoes; a few more things on the good list.
To the bunk: a day when campers outnumber counselors; a 10 in inspection; Have a good year!
Jackie Brodsky- a cute little friend; a muzzle for when she wakes up every morning
Tina Friedman- a huge hug and kiss from Josh; a day without fighting with Beth,
Eilleen Liebman- a dozen packages; twenty pounds of meat distributed equally all over her body; hug and kisses to keep her happy.
Marni Beth Porter- a huge package that is eaten in one day; a twenty-four hour sleep; a maid to clean up after her.
Rachel Schwartz- a candidate for the Olympics; Winston's friendship.
Stacy Silverman- a 100 counts box of Double Bubble; a huge box of Marathan box; a lead in the play.
Jodi Spector- a mammoth salami from Ernie; her Levi straights much love from her sister Shari.
Robin Tarnofsky- a huge package that is eaten in one day. a 24 hour sleep; a maid to clean up after her.
Stephanie Morrell- gum; lollypops; candy; "What happened to my fruit roll? Seven periods of continuous sports.
Sharon Druckman- a roller to wrap her hair with; a bigger wardrobe; a bra of her own.
Helene Escava- her own special Woody Woodpecker laugh; a bunk next door to her sister; a lifetime supply of cream cheese.
Andrea Leighton-
a place on the swimming Olympic team a few years from now; supper without chicken; Andi and who, Andi and who, Andi and Larry, Boo Boo Bee Do.