Video Grey March
Tune: Luck Be A Lady

We're on our way tonight
The road has been quite rough
And yet before this evening is over
We'll show you Grey is tough
We've fought on hard together
We've all worked night and day
And now the best that we can do is say....

Grey's marching onward tonight
Vic'try is almost in sight
Our hopes are soaring as the Grey team voice is roaring
Grey's gonna make it tonight

Grey's gonna show the red why
Grey spirit's flyinq on high
We know we've got the strength and might so we can do it
Grey's gonna give them a fight

Our fury keeps on getting stronger
We're gonna go, we cannot stop
We will march on through cries of defeat or success
We'll conquer till we reach the top

We're stopping the Red team tonight
We've fought with them all of our might
We're marching with hopes and pride and glory before us
Grey's gonna sing it
Grey's gonna make it
Grey's gonna win it tonight