This year I had the opportunity to view Ranger's Color War competition from a different perspective. Being a general, I had an overall look of Boy's camp competing as two separate units. I, as general had a real good view of the grey team. It was a time where I got real close to many people that I never really knew before, and even closer to many of my friends. It forces people into situations which they normally not encounter, making people work together while they get to know one another.

As far as the competing itself went, it was most exciting colorwar I've ever been in. Every event seemed like it was decided by 1 goal or 1 point. Even the apache relay was decided by only a few seconds. Everyone pitched in and gave their all, even when we were down by as many as 100 points. We gave our all, and never let up on our sportsmanship which was always stressed as being most important.

I would like to thank all members of the grey team for doing such a great job on and off the fields, all the guys who spent the greater, parts of three days in the Arts and crafts, and to Neal and Jan who finally won a colorwar in 11 years.

Mitchell Feldman