Everyone expected Color War to break out on the traditional Sunday, but this year we were all fooled; we would have to wait until Monday.
That afternoon, while an exhibition tennis match went on, 2 of our tennis counselors decided to swing it out after a bad call was made. While the brawl went on, their sweatsuits were ripped off, and to much surprise, they were wearing red and grey! The pamphlets were thrown out, and the 1975 war of the colors began.
Color War got off to a firey start, and the red team was out to break the losing slump that it had fallen into for the previous three years.
The following night at Presentation, the names were announced. They were to be the Red Centuarians and Organic Grey. After the second day, Red Centuarians were leading by a commanding eighty points.
The third day was much different however; the grey team practically swept the field and by the end of the day, the red captured a fifteen point lead. Going into sing, red was down quite a few points. Sing was very close, but the grey team ended up victoriously winning Color War 1975.
Throughout the war, spirit was amazing. For four days the competition and sportsmanship, on and off the fields, was enjoyed by both teams.
I would like to thank the campers who really kept up their spirit until the end; the counselors, without whom Color War would not have been a success; the office boys for making such a beautiful plaque; Allen Mervish, my lieutenant and Donnie Schwartz, my coordinator who were always there to lend a hand; and last of all, thanks to the judges and referees for making color war possible.
Have a good winter, and I hope to see you all next year.

Jack (ie)