Tune: Who will buy this wonderful morning

Heads up high the red team is coming
Proudly We will call out our name
Watch out gray for soon you'll be running
Centurians are on their way.

With sportsmanship and teamwork
We'll strive to win each game
With fair play as our motto
We'll bring our team to fame

Count us in where victory's mentioned
Sky is clear as clear as our fate
Charging on we'll conquer the gray team
We hold our banners high
Our victor is neigh
You'll hear our mighty battle cry

Organic will never beat us
The gray team will hasten its pace
Competing on sea and land
Red team is in command
Who dare curtail our success

And as we sound our strong and mighty battle cry
We'll push ahead towards victory for our team

For contained inside us we have Powers used in helping to make red
team reign supreme.

Organic can never stop us
Now nothing can keep our team back
And as our hearts keep a steady beat
We'll not accept defeat
Now hear us charge onward