Grey team Alma Mater

tunes- Fire and Rain
Rocky Mountain High





We looked at the blue skies and the clean open seas
And then turned our eyes onto the dark green trees
The sun was setting on a field filled with corn
That's when organic grey team's quest was born

Mankind needs all who care
To fight the dirt on land, the sea, and air
Our plea is out for everyone
To help us get things done

People lend a hand
get together
lend a helping hand
get together

When we search, for an answer it really isn't hard
for the secret lies within ourselves.
We have to face reality, and know just what to do,
cause the beauty was meant for me and you

The summer's almost over
The grey team season gone
But the quest we hope that
it goes on and on
And if we ever meet again
We'll hope that we have won
Let's hope to see that cornfield
in the sun
We can now say it clear
The grey team quest holds something very dear
Our theme involves a healthy place
For men of every race

repeat 2# People lend a hand
Get together
Lend a helping hand
Get together