In an age where space travel, technology, and exploration is becoming increasingly important, the knowledge of Astronomy is worth having. This past summer, a program in Astronomy was introduced to the Ranger campers. The program was taught by Robin Foster. The classes emphasized what a young person can see in the sky.

The clear skies over Camp Ranger permitted us to view the Milky Way, something that is almost impossible to see if you live in or near large city. Objects pointed out and seen with the unaided eye included bright planets and meteors. August happened to be the month of the most prominent meteor shower, the Perseids. It was not unusual to see 40 or more meteors in one hour. Many girls were interested in watching for the meteors, particularly Tanya Wollen, who counted over 20 herself.

Using the telescopes and binoculars supplied by the instructor, objects like the moon, the sun, and the planet Venus were brought closer and in brighter view. The moon, pock marked with its many craters, was an exciting sight through the telescope. The planet Venus, which exhibits phases just like the moon, brought many "oohs" and "aahs" from those who observed it.

Although most of us think that Astronomy is only confined to the evenings during the day interesting cloud patterns could be watched and discussed. Particularly interested were Rachel Schwartz and Jackie Brodsky.

Astronomy can be enjoyed most thoroughly when one is out under the stars on a clear evening, which enabled our program to be very successful.

Robin Foster