How better to put yourself in another's Shoes than by assuming a new identity establishing new values, and reacting to new stimuli. "The play's the thing!" And this year, Ranger dramatics gave the opportunity to every camper to be another.

The high school students of the 50's were highlighted in Grease, our first show. Richie Waxman and Shelly Raab were outstanding as the identity- seeking Romeo and Juliet. Remember Elaine Beiber's "Freddy, My Love", Bonnie Feints "Sandra Dee"; Glenn Lamon's "Greased Lightning". Other terrific players were Mindy Schuster, Josh Albert, Debbie Firsty, Jodi Gregory, Linda Windheim, Amy Capitanelli, Brien Oliff, Dana Sheer, and Mike Silverman.

Flower Drum Song highlighted the talents of Barry Hirsch, Robert Glick, Nancy Natko, Steve Lichtman, Larry Tesch, Jeff Lichtman, Mitchell Felten, and Adam Remember, Robyn Rubenstein's show-stopping "I enjoy Being a Girl".

The Munchkins delightful Snow White was our third show, with Stacy Silverman in the title role. Other members of the cast included Marni-Beth Porter, Robin Raisfeld, Bret Gelber, Scott Gardner, and Jonathan Litt. Remember the dwarf's wash song sung by Robert Applebaum, Jackie Brodsky, Robin Tarnofsky, Rachel Schwartz, Tina Friedman, Kevin Geiger, and Eileen Liebman.

Our pre-visiting day presentation was Finian's Rainbow with Jared Wohl as Finian. Matt Barkoff and Nancy Adler were delightful, especially in singing "Old Devil Moon". Wayne Olan as Oq, the leprechaun was inspired in "When I'm Not Near the Girl I Love". Mike Berman deserves mention as the filibustering Senator Rawkins, as do Allison Waugh, Matt Finkelstein, Cliff Rucker, Barry Birnbaum and Gavin Christie.

We resurrected Gilbert and Sullivan with their immortal H.M.S. Pinafore DURING THE HEAT WAVE. Boys bunks 8 & 9 and girls bunks 9 & 10 had to learn 22 songs and the turn of the century English style of speech. On the afternoon of show night we moved the scenery outdoors and performed that night under the stars. Outstanding cast members included Karen Sloan, Josh Malina, David Kaplan, Adina Olan, David Stampfer, Andrea Leighton, Steven Streichler, and Todd Schnitt.

The complete, uncut Once Upon A Mattress was our counselor show. Each cast member gave a delightful performance and with the audience, enjoyed the evening. Special thanks to Marla Koningsberg whose hard work, sleepless nights and fine talents made the costumes

memorable, too.