Camping and mountaineering, long popular in Europe, has been enjoying a very successful summer at Camp Ranger. After 10 months spent on city streets and suburbs, the importance of bringing children up to the Earth's high places to commune with wide open skies, trees and stars cannot be overlooked, singing around a campfire and eating roasted hot dogs in the cool dark woods is a far cry from papers and T.V. in a basement recreation room.

For the younger girls, a hike along short trails and country lanes, a trip to the Ice Caves and rock collecting jaunts were enough to set the foundation for more demanding adventures as they grow older. For these girls who are already at that stage..bunk 11 to 16...the beckoning of the slopes and cliffs of Mt. Cathalia was answered. In a sport previously the total province of man, the girls performed admirably. All learned the basic techniques of cliff climbing and quite a few progressed to more advanced cliff climbing maneuvers.

Bunk 17 and 18, on an exhilarating but exhausting trail covered 30 miles on a climb of big Slide Mt., Cornell and Wittenbourg, the 3 highest peaks in the Catskill range. They all found it highly enjoyable and dispelled any apprehension about a girl's ability in climbing and hiking.

The world renowned Appalachian Trail was a goal for Bunk 20 and the CITs. The 10 mile hike in Harriman State Park proved most enjoyable ran up to that point.

To close the summer with a grand finale, Mt. Marcy, the highest peak in the Adirondack Mt. range and New York State is the quest of a group of the most experienced climbers. Its bald top towering above the tree line, it offers spectacular views and an exhilarating climb.

Throughout the course of the summer all bunks went out, learned about nature and camp craft and enjoyed ELEVEN fine trips. Something to be remembered on a cold winter night,

David Kim Adams