This year's pioneering program included activities for everyone. One of our most popular trips was the Mount Cathalia rock collecting expedition. Many beautiful stones were collected and with the help of Bob Stranger they were made into jewelry. On our visit to the Ice Caves, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, even though there wasn't an overabundance of ice. However, the frost on the walls of the caves was something to be seen.

The Munchkins showed their talents in construction, by building a log cabin using sticks, branches and ropes. They also showed fortitude, when the campsite was washed out by one of the worst storms of the summer.

The most strenuous hike of the summer was taken by a group of seniors. The crew, led by Englishman, David Adams (who gained his experience by climbing the Alps), climbed Mount Whittenbourg...altitude 3,000 one morning.

The aims of the program were to introduce the campers to the beauty of the wilderness and to conquer their fears of the unknown. It is our hope that we have succeeded in making campers aware of the world around them.

Marty Korngut

The sailing program was very successful this summer while some girls mastered the operation of the rudder others became experts in the art of swimming the boat in. All girls who sailed had fun as they took in the scenery surrounding Silver Lake. Many thanks to those who participated and were so patient the times that we got stranded in the middle of the lake without any wind.

Joyce Rosen